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The Basics

M - Start a conversation with a favorite
You can send a direct message to your favorite on Ufone SMS Buddies!
Format: m <username> <message>
Example: m saadia hey i heard you aced your exams... congrats!
(You don't need to use "M" command to reply to your favorite message. "M" command is only needed to start the conversation)

CHAT - Start chatting with other Ufone SMS Buddies users
Format: Chat
(To leave Chat, send CHAT OFF)

ADD - Add user to favorites list
Once registered, you can start creating your favorite members list.
Format: add <username>
Example: add sana87
Example (add multiple favorites): add sana87 maryamj coolio
Your favorites will need to accept your requests before they are added to your favorite list.

ACCEPT - Accept an add to favorites request
When someone adds you as a favorite on Ufone SMS Buddies, you need to accept their request to add you as favorite
Format: Accept

REMOVE - Remove a user from favorites list
Format: remove <username>
Example: Remove sana87

SEARCH: Search for groups & people
Format: search

STATUS - Update facebook status from your mobile
Format: status <your-status>
Example: status is loving Ufone SMS Buddies !!

UNREGISTER - Leave Ufone SMS Buddies
Format: unregister
(Note: This will remove all your favorites, groups and memberships)


CREATE - Start a group
Format: create <groupname>
Example: create mysoccer
Group name must be between 3 and 20 characters and can only contain numbers and alphabets. By default your group would be private, anyone trying to join the group would need your permission.

JOIN - Join a group
Format: join <groupname>
Example: join movies

INVITE - Invite favorites to join a group
Format: invite <groupname> <number/username>
Example: invite movies sana87
Example (invite multiple people): invite junoon maryamj, qasim, coolio

M - Start a conversation with a group
Format: m <junoon> <message>
Example: m junoon guys junoon is performing live in auditorium!! Wish I could attend it..
Any message sent to a group will be delivered to all members of that group.
(You don't need to use "M" command to reply to group message. "M" command is only needed to start the group conversation)

LIST - View the members of a group
You can use this to get a list of the members of a group
Format: list <groupname>
Example: list movies

LIST GROUPS - Get a list of your subscribed groups
Use this to get a list of the groups that you are a member of.
Format: list groups

LEAVE - Leave a group
Format: leave <groupname>
Example: leave junoon

ALLOW- Allow someone to join a private group
If you are the owner of a private group, you will need to allow a person to join the group.
Format: allow

KICK- Kick someone from a private group
If you are the owner of a private group, you can kick a person from the group.
Format: kick <groupname> <username>
Example: kick soccer sana87

MAKE- Make a group public/private
If you are the owner of a group, you can make it public or private.
Format: make <groupname> public/private
Example: make soccer private
Example: make soccer public

Noise Control

MUTE - Stop receiving messages from someone
If someone is making too much noise, you can mute them. You will not receive any messages from them until you unmute them.
Format: mute <username>
Example: mute coolio
You can also mute groups using this command

DND - Do Not Disturb (Temporarily stop receiving messages from Ufone SMS Buddies)
Format: DND
Send DND OFF to start receiving messages again
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